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How many golf clubs are you allowed in your bag?

In this post, we will answer the question of how many golf clubs should be in your bag and also advise which ones you should be carrying to make your game better.

So, the easy answer to the question is you are only allowed a maximum of 14 golf clubs in your bag for around. There are however lots of sub-rules regarding this so let’s have a look at some of those.

The first rule about golf clubs is that you can choose whatever golf clubs you wish to have in your bag, you are not limited to the number of irons or drivers or putters for that matter, you can have whatever you wish. The number 14 for the number of golf clubs in your bag is because normally a golfer would have 3 driving clubs, 8 irons and a putter leaving you the choice of adding another 2 specialist clubs. These days there are so many different types of hybrid golf club that you can have many multiple styles of a driver, chipper, rescue or lob wedge and even driving irons so you must fill your bag with the right golf clubs to suit your game. If you can’t hit a driver then why carry one around with you, why not go for a 2 iron or a 7 wood which you find easier to hit? You may even like to take a different putter for when you find yourself off the green or a lob wedge for getting over nearby obstacles.

The rule was bought in as the thinking was that the more golf clubs you had in the bag the less skill the player needed to have to master the game, there are also other rules surrounding your golf clubs and what you can do with them including one that you are not allowed to share any clubs on the course with any other player, you can’t change your clubs either during a round including if you have a damaged club. If the damage has been caused by an outside force, then you are allowed to change it but if you have got angry and smashed your golf driver into a tree and snapped it then you are stuck with or without it for the remainder of the round as well as having an expensive bill to replace it at the end!

If you are found to be carrying more than the 14 allowed golf clubs in your bag, then in stroke play you could be penalised up to 4 shots depending on how many holes you have played with the excess club or clubs. You must identify the additional club and place it upside down in your golf bag and not use it for the remainder of the round. If you start with less than 14 golf clubs at the beginning of the round then you can add more during the round should you wish, not quite sure how this would work though. It’s also possible for golfers to share a golf bag for their clubs, up to 28 golf clubs, but they must only use their golf clubs and not their partners.

Even professionals make mistakes and in big tournaments too. In the 2001 Open championship help at Lytham St. Annes, the world-famous golfer, Ian Woosnam mistakenly had an extra driver in his bag and on the second hole had to accept a two-shot penalty for his troubles. I would suggest though if you are having a friendly game of golf at your local club and you find that you have an extra club in the bag by mistake by all means let your partner know but if he or she suggests a points deduction then I’d find a new partner pretty quickly.

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